Leaders in Plan, 3D Visualization, Modular Kitchen, Interior and Exterior desing, Landscaping and ACP Works.


At the basic level, everything is built in parts. The Design governs the cost and performance of any project.Working from whole to parts, every engineer in SEED is empowered to consider the smallest of details and their respective impacts at this level.


The Design of each element integrates into the larger system at the second level. This step influences the efficiency and economics of operation in the project. Promoting a blend of technology, keen observation and human experience enables seamless integration of each service into the system.


At the advanced level, we strive to transcend industry expectations by planning systems and technologies to last the test of time. The purpose of Sustain is to promote durability and sustainability in a project. Our designers tackle the challenge of not only meeting today’s expectations but also of foreseeing tomorrow’s demands.